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"Bridging the gap with freshness"


At KISHAN FRESH HOUSE, we started with a clear mission in mind: to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers. We recognized the pressing issues faced by both parties, particularly the detrimental role of middleman brokers in the agricultural supply chain. These intermediaries often exploited the situation by inflating prices, leaving buyers to pay exorbitant rates while depriving farmers of fair compensation for their hard work. Witnessing the alarming sight of vegetables being discarded on the roads as a protest against their low value and the lack of a viable market further fueled our determination to make a difference. We were also deeply concerned about the influx of vegetables from India, which often contained harmful chemicals and pesticides, jeopardizing the health and well-being of Nepalese consumers. Our goal at KISHAN FRESH HOUSE is to ensure that Nepalese farmers receive proper remuneration for their produce and to provide consumers with safe and high-quality vegetables directly from the source, thus eliminating unnecessary intermediaries and fostering a more sustainable agricultural system.

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Our motivation stems from a deep-rooted connection to agriculture. As sons of farmers ourselves, we have grown up in a society surrounded by hardworking individuals who till the land and bring sustenance to our tables. Witnessing firsthand the real problems and pain faced by farmers in Nepal has ignited a burning passion within us to make a difference. We understand that agriculture is not just a sector of the economy but the very foundation of our nation, with almost 80% of Nepalese relying on it as their basic profession. We firmly believe that every individual has a fundamental right to consume healthy and fresh vegetables that are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. This belief serves as a driving force behind our relentless efforts to empower farmers, and ensure that the produce reaches consumers, allowing them to enjoy the nutritious benefits that our land has to offer.

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Our core value lies in creating a platform where both consumers and farmers can engage in fair and transparent transactions. We are committed to establishing a system that ensures farmers receive appropriate rates for their hard work and dedication, while simultaneously offering consumers the opportunity to purchase fresh produce at reasonable prices. We aim to bridge the gap between the two parties and foster connections that benefit both. Through our platform, farmers can showcase their produce directly to consumers, ensuring that the economic benefits flow directly into their hands. We believe that by empowering farmers and enabling consumers to access farm-fresh products at affordable rates, we can build a more sustainable and equitable agricultural ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.

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We make the following promises to our valued customers and farming community. First and foremost, we promise to provide you with the freshest, high-quality produce directly from local farmers. We prioritize the health and well-being of our consumers, ensuring that the vegetables you receive are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. Moreover, we are committed to fostering fair trade by eliminating middleman brokers, ensuring that farmers receive appropriate compensation for their hard work. Our platform promotes transparency, enabling you to connect directly with the farmers who grow your food. Additionally, we guarantee competitive pricing, offering you affordability without compromising on quality. We are dedicated to improving the livelihoods of farmers, empowering them with fair market access and supporting sustainable agricultural practices. At KISHAN FRESH HOUSE, we stand behind our promises and strive to create a positive impact on both consumers and farmers, revolutionizing the way fresh produce is sourced, bought, and enjoyed.

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We offer a wide range of fresh and seasonal produce to cater to your diverse culinary needs. Our carefully curated selection includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices, all sourced directly from local farmers. From vibrant tomatoes and leafy greens to succulent mangoes and juicy oranges, our products are handpicked to ensure optimum freshness and flavor. We also provide organic options for those who prefer chemical-free and environmentally friendly choices. With our extensive product range, you can conveniently access all the ingredients you need to create delicious and healthy meals for yourself and your loved ones.

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As an environmentally conscious company, we are deeply committed to sustainable practices and minimizing our ecological footprint. We actively promote and support farmers who employ organic farming methods, prioritizing soil health and biodiversity. By minimizing the use of harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, we strive to protect the environment and promote the well-being of farmers and consumers alike. Furthermore, we actively explore innovative packaging solutions to reduce waste and promote recycling. Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond our operations; we believe in raising awareness and educating our customers about the importance of sustainable agriculture and responsible consumption.

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We strongly believe in fostering a sense of community and giving back. We actively engage in various community initiatives aimed at supporting farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture. Through collaborations with local organizations, we provide educational programs, workshops, and resources to empower farmers with knowledge and skills to improve their livelihoods. Additionally, we participate in community outreach programs to address food security issues and support underserved communities in accessing fresh and nutritious produce. By actively contributing to the well-being of our community, we aim to create a positive and lasting impact beyond our business operations.

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Are you passionate about transforming the agricultural industry and making a positive impact? Join our team at KISHAN FRESH HOUSE! We are always on the lookout for individuals who share our vision and values. Whether you have expertise in technology, marketing, logistics, or a deep understanding of the agricultural landscape, we offer exciting opportunities to contribute to our mission. Visit our Careers page on our website to explore current openings and learn more about how you can be part of our dynamic team.   At KISHAN FRESH HOUSE, we strive to create a culture that nurtures growth, collaboration, and innovation. Join us in revolutionizing the way fresh produce is sourced, bought, and enjoyed, while farmers and promoting sustainability in the agricultural sector. Thank you for your interest in KISHAN FRESH HOUSE. We look forward to connecting with you soon!