Kishan Fresh House

Our Teams

Our team at Kishan Fresh House is a tight-knit group of passionate individuals who share a common background deeply rooted in the farming and business realms. Each member brings a wealth of unique experiences and expertise to our collective endeavour. Together, we are united by a singular vision: to empower farmers, narrow the divide between producers and consumers, and spark a transformation in Nepal's agricultural sector. With an intimate understanding of the challenges faced by both farmers and consumers, we work tirelessly to devise innovative solutions that ensure fair remuneration for farmers and deliver fresh, premium-quality produce to consumers. Through our collaborative efforts and unwavering dedication, we're not just building a business; we're leading a movement towards a more sustainable and inclusive agricultural landscape in Nepal.


Divya Shrestha

Meet Divya Shrestha, the dynamic force driving our team at Kishan Fresh House. With a solid background in Business, Economics, and Marketing from Tribhuvan University, Divya offers a unique blend of expertise and experience. Her keen insights into market dynamics and consumer behaviour make her an invaluable asset. Moreover, Divya's unwavering commitment to Nepal's agricultural producers ensures they remain a top priority in our decision-making processes. Leading our technical team, she ensures smooth operations and optimal performance. With her dedication and expertise, Divya plays a pivotal role in propelling our business towards success.


Asim Acharya

Meet Asim Acharya, a vital member of our team at Kishan Fresh House. With a knack for leveraging technical expertise to streamline management and distributions processes, Asim excels in finding optimized, efficient and cost-effective solutions. His keen understanding of the significance of selling fresh produce stems from her roots as a farmer’s son, instilling in him a deep appreciation for quality produce. Asim possesses a unique insight into the niche market, allowing him to identify opportunities and cater to specific consumer needs. With his innovative approach and dedication to delivering freshness, Asim plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our customers receive the finest produce while maintaining efficient distribution channels.